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ColdWave, SynthWave, EBM Thu. 06.06.2024
Doors: 20.00
Show: 21.00

Greyzone presents: ULTRA SUNN + SARIN + SKELESYS

Greyzone presents: ULTRA SUNN + SARIN + SKELESYS


Ultra Sunn (Fleisch/Sunn-X Rec./BE) *live*
SARIN (X-IMG /D) *live*
Skelesys (Oraculo Rec./AR/D) *live*

NOTE: changed Line-UP!
"Due to current health reason, Selofan has to postpone all upcoming shows. The new date for their show is on march 28th, 2025 at Gretchen. Presale will start soon. We hope to see you then!“
All buyers have the option of returning their ticket for SELOFAN + ULTRA SUNN or attending the show with a different line-up.

*Presale 22 € plus fee * Box Office tba.* 

Ultra Sunn  
The new EBM/Coldwave sensation is here!
Since 2020 and their success "Keep Your Eyes Peeled", the duo from Brussels has won unanimous support by performing concerts all over the world (Europe, South and North America). ULTRA SUNN expresses a desire for modernity through its themes, sounds and collaborations (Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Zanias, Curses, Sarin) while being in line with classical EBM and Belgian electronic music.
ULTRA SUNN quickly saw itself playing alongside Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF and even A Split Second.
Sam's deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines.
Active in classical arts and fashion shows, these inspirations are reflected in their work. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave, New Beat and modern EBM energy. Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing and luminous hymns about self improvement, fight against anxiety and gender equality always with an inclusive, powerful and positive spirit.

SARIN is an audio/visual and electronic music performance project based out of Berlin with over a dozen 12” releases on various international labels as well as on his own X-IMG platform. Besides his solo output as SARIN he maintains several collaborative projects such as General Dynamics (with Qual), Human Performance Lab (with Matt Cangiano) & Devikorps (with Huren/Teste). Destructive percussion & cold synths coupled with laser focused sampling and media manipulation form the basis of his signature syncopated and mind penetrating sound. His background in audio/video art, developed while studying in Toronto & through his work with the “Videodrome” artist collective, seeks a modern application of the Gysin & Burroughs cut-up technique and is still applied in equal parts to his visual & sonic output.

Wrapped in shadows and fueled by distortion, Skelesys channels the pain and beauty of the human experience through his guitar strings, painting a sonic landscape of haunting melodies and raw emotion.The Argentina-born, Berlin-based producer, DJ and live act has emerged as one of the most exciting projects across post-punk, wave and future sounds. Inspired by everything from hard rock, sci-fi and horror, his music traverses several genres resulting in a fresh, unique sound that is all his own. After releasing great material on labels like Eskimo Recordings, Ombra INTL and Snap Crackle & Pop, his latest EP, Epsilon (Oraculo Records), quickly sold out on vinyl selected on the prestigious Post Punk Online blog as one of the best releases of 2022. Primarily a live artist, he incorporates guitar with electronics and vocals on stage, while also being an electrifying DJ, delivering sets featuring all things under the umbrella of 80s influenced dark sounds. Since arriving in Berlin, he’s played at some of the best parties and clubs around Europe including Kantine Am Berghain (Berlin), Grauzone Festival (The Hague), La Culottée La Station Gare des Mines (Paris), Ombra Festival (Barcelona), La Station – Gare des Mines (Paris),Kablys (Vilnius), Tank (Bologna), Tempio del Futuro Perduto (Milan), IBOAT (Bordeaux), Kupolas (Nida) and collaborating with artists like Curses and Zanias both in studio and live.

Photo & Text: @ Greyzone Concerts

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