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Ambient, Electronica
Fr. 12.05.2023 19.00 h

Landstreicher presents: THYLACINE

Landstreicher presents: THYLACINE


Thylacine (Intuitive Records/FR) *live*
il:lo (Support)

Doors: 19h
Show: 20h

Veranstalter*in/Promoter: Landstreicher Konzerte
Check here: Minimum Age

*Presale 25 € plus fee * Box Office tba.*

For those that are not familiar, Thylacine is a fearless experimental French producer known for his progressive sounds and dewy electronic(a).
He has developed a taste for composing through travel, each album that followed was always synonymous with encounters and discoveries. The aim is to combine music and image and to aide us in the discovery and navigate his world through this sonic voyage.
Discover here his new opus “9 Pieces” - which does what it says on the box : 9 pieces to be assembled in order to reconstitute a puzzle and immerse oneself in the universe of Thylacine.
For his fourth album, “9 Pieces”, producer and multi-instrumentalist Thylacine has assembled a collection of tracks produced over the past few years. These puzzle pieces take the listener on a trip from Norway's frozen sea to the Bosphorus's shores. His synthesizers are coupled with traditional instruments, including saxophone and piano, to construct nine delicate and catchy vignettes.

French producers Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schütz prove that two heads are better than one. After meeting in Prague in 2010, the duo formed a fast musical connection that spawned their dynamic and sprawling electronic act il:lo. While working remotely by exchanging ideas from two different places, il:lo embodies a yin and yang style of complementary forces.


They describe il:lo as “difficult to capture or hold permanently, having wings.” This meaning can be derived from the definition of the world volatile and highlights their proclivity for shape-shifting moods and the uncanny ability to mutate between downtempo, electronica, and deep house. Their influences are as far ranging as their music, citing 90s IDM, trip hop, and even liquid drum & bass music as playing a role in their compositions.

Throughout their career, il:lo have toured much of Europe taking cues from the exotic architecture around them. The angular aesthetic serves as a driving force in their bold minimalism. From 2015 EP Places to 2019’s Sloh, the duo’s creative vision is apparent in both their musical evolution and their visual identity.
Following the release of Sloh, il:lo took to the road once more touring with renowned beatmaker Blockhead as well as collaborating with electronic mainstay Emancipator, and the otherworldly CloZee on official remixes. They continued to broaden their horizons with remixes for Mt. Wolf, Panama and Jerro. At the top of 2022, il:lo unveiled their first live record with Anjunadeep Live Sessions, a culmination of their work with the progressive London-based dance label Anjunadeep.
Now, joining forces with Nettwerk, il:lo’s composition methods remain unchanged. Through their endless musical journey, the dualistic mindset continues to evolve and encourage listeners to let go and take flight.
Stay tuned for more from il:lo.

Photo: Cecile Chabert

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