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Latin, Cumbia Wed. 20.11.2024
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.30




La Yegros (AR) *live*

catch-up date from 09.05.2024

*Presale 12 €/ 15 €/ 22 € plus fee * Box Office 25 €*

La Yegros returned to the stage in 2022 to celebrate an anniversary: the 10th anniversary of Viene de Mí, her hit from the album of the same name, released worldwide in 2013, which catapulted her to international fame. We discovered a singer as rooted in the traditions of her country as she is in the most contemporary trends. Her parents come from Misiones, a province bordering Brazil and Paraguay, where balls are filled with the sounds of Chamamé, Carnavalito and Colombian cumbia. But she herself is a native of Buenos Aires, whose nights are alive with the dancehall and electronic bass.

These influences have fused in two further successful albums, Magnetismo (2016) and Suelta (2019), followed by whirlwind tours during which La Yegros has been able to display her generous nature, inexhaustible energy, exuberant personality and infectious enthusiasm. La Yegros relaunched its dance machine in front of audiences as wild as ever, with a tried and tested repertoire that no dancer can resist. But it was also time for a new repertoire. To record their fourth album, La Yegros put her trust in a winning team, already responsible for Viene de Mí. On the one hand, producer King Coya (Gaby Kerpel), a pioneer of synthetic experimentation applied to traditional music. On the other, composer Daniel Martín, who knows how to come up with melodies to dream about and hymns to sing along to. Inseparable and complementary, the trio continue to concoct this fantastic mixture where acoustic instruments meet samples and the rolling of machines.

But La Yegros, crowned queen of Nu-Cumbia, has never rested on her laurels. Her new productions continue to draw on popular music, but they are breaking away from over-defined genres. La Yegros invents her own folklore by knitting together new rhythms and integratng original sounds (bassoon, transverse flute, flamenco guitar, etc.), while the urban elements promise to turn dancefloors upside down with echoes of reggae and funk.

La Yegros never conceives an album without imagining how it will perform live. And although her show is a benchmark for the venues and festivals, she went into residency to beef up her formula. In additon to her usual line-up of guitar, accordion and percussion, a musician handles synthesizers and machines to play all the electronic elements live – a risk-taker as much as a doubling of possibilities. In any case, you can count on the singer to assert her increasingly clear-cut character with each new project. And, above all, to never give up. La Yegros is back and her batteries are fully charged!

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Photo: by Landry

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