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Electronica Sat. 11.05.2024
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.30




Birrd (Yotanka/FR) *live*

*Presale 10 €/ 15 €/ 20 € plus fee * Box Office 25 €*

Picture a style of electronic music that’s just as natural for dancing in a dark club or lazing on a sunny beach, and you have imagined Birrd’s music, with its cosmic harmonies and re-constructed field-recording sounds that combine to form a highly personal and deeply melodic version of machine music.

The live sounds are there, but difficult to identify clearly. As in his first EP, «Alba», Birrd took actual recordings from nature to enrich his electronic music. Breaking waves, whistling winds, clanging boat masts, cracking twigs… all are present in «Alter Echo», but they are stretched, sliced, and distorted to the point of being unrecognizable. Most of this raw material was captured on the rough, unpopulated Brittany coast, with its ever-changing weather, powerful swells, and violent gusts, all of which have influenced the seven tracks on the EP that was composed and arranged by Birrd, mixed by Juxe (Nekfeu, Darryl Zeuja), and mastered by Antoine Thibaudeau (Thylacine, French 79).

This remote location inspired the Franco American-Italian producer to seek out the secrets of the deep. In the manner of the musical guided tours he created and led for the Louvre museum, which resulted in the release of the EP «Nocturne Insolite au Louvre», «Alter Echo» is a voyage between the ocean’s surface and its depths. Here, the journey is as musical as it is narrative. Even as sunlight breaks through with dreamy synth lines («20 Meters»), guest vocals («Submarine Queen»), or a pictorial return to terra firma («Morgat»), this particular journey is darker, colder, and more tense than on previous releases, and Birrd’s melodic techno is at times unfathomable. The added intensity these effects give his live shows, with their soaring melodic phrases, but also powerful kicks and a meticulous light show, are truly an invitation to dance.

The balance that Birrd achieves has been well received at the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Trans Musicales in Rennes, and at performances alongside NTO, Fakear, Mezerg, French 79, and other artists with whom he has shared the stage.

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Photo by Morganographe

BIRRD feat. Josie - Submarine Queen (Visualizer)

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