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Klezmer, Jazz, Balkan Wed. 22.05.2024
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.30




Amsterdam Klezmer Band (Vetnasj Rec./Stichting Rettisj En Kippevet/NL) *live*

*Presale 15 €/ 20 €/ 25 € plus fee * Box Office 30 €*

Mix a dose of klezmer with a pinch of jazz, add a shot of Balkan, et voilà, you’ve got the recipe for Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Brass, double bass, accordion and percussion all bolster each other with pulsing grooves full of subtle yet raw energy. They really like to make an audience sweat, but they can make you dream away on a soulful lament as well.

AKB re-energizes the sound of klezmer by throwing contemporary styles and techniques in the mix. Balkan and oriental Music are gratefully used as key influences. The band manages to keep their music fresh, urgent and often highly danceable wherever they take the stage.

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band started out on the streets in 1996 as a group of buskers playing traditional Yiddish Music. In more than 25 years the band has evolved into an internationally celebrated band with a rock-solid live reputation. During all this time the band managed to stay on the radar non-stop, touring all over the world. Their impressive tour list containing far over a 1500 shows by now. They built an audience of connaisseurs that have been loving them for many years, and there’s always a young crowd merging.

19 albums were released, and the band did successful projects with e.g. Söndörgő, Amsterdams Andalusisch orkest, Galata Gypsy band and Lilian Vieira.

The band's upcoming allbum (to be released in February 2024) will be produced by "Dunkelbunt" from Vienna. The hot and powerful ''Amsterdam Klezmer'', which has proven itself for almost three decades now, will be elevated by the highly danceable, cosmopolitan sauce of "Dunkelbunt", musically enriched by a few very special guests.

For this event we offer discounted tickets to give people with less money still access to culture. These quotas are limited and only available at TixforGigs. We trust in your self-assessment: If you can, please book standard tickets and leave the reduced tickets to those who have to save money at the moment.

Photo: Rene Nuijens

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