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Thu. 10.11.2022 19.30 h




Theo Croker (Okeh Rec./ Sony Masterworks/US) *live*

Doors: 19.30h
Show: 20.30h

Minimum age: 16

*Presale 20 € plus fee * Box Office 25 €*

Jazz between tradition and modernity.

Theo Croker is a Grammy-nominated U.S. trumpeter, composer and producer dedicated to exploring the historical and musical commonalities of gospel, blues, jazz, soul and funk, and is relentless in his quest to transform these genres into a new, contemporary sound.

After "BLK2LIFE II A Future Past" from 2021, the second part of his musical reappraisal of the origin, present and future of Black Music Culture in the USA, "Love Quantum", was released in June. Theo Croker thus places himself at the forefront of a young generation of musicians on the African-American jazz scene who are taking a fresh look at the musical heritage and formative cultural achievements of their predecessors, reappraising their contribution to U.S. musical development in a historically self-confident manner, and leaving traditional genre boundaries behind.

For Croker, all these different genres he deals with are connected on a meta-level in the creative power of love, which allows new worlds of experience and realities to be created against all odds. Following this concept, he has invited top-class musical guests to the production of his album. Among them rap legend Wyclef Jean, Jill Scott, the soul and R'n'B singers Ego Ella May and Teedra Moses, singer Kassa Overall as well as representatives of the current jazz scene such as guitarist James Tillman or saxophonist Gary Bartz.

The first single "Jazz is Dead" is on the one hand an ode to Croker's love for the forms and styles of jazz, on the other hand a stirring commentary on the inadequacy of a word to capture the depth of this musical tradition. The lyrics to the song "To Be We" were written by neo-soul singer Jill Scott. Theo Croker reserves trumpet as his main instrument, but also plays keyboards, raps or programs the drums on "Love Quantum." 22,00 online-ticket / print@home
koka36 22,00 Pick-Up or mail delivery