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ColdWave, SynthWave Do. 06.06.2024
Doors: 20.00
Show: 21.00

Greyzone presents: SELOFAN + ULTRA SUNN

Greyzone presents: SELOFAN + ULTRA SUNN


Selofan (Fabrika Records/GR) *live*
Ultra Sunn (Fleisch/Sunn-X Rec./BE) *live*

*Vorverkauf 22 € plus Gebühren * Abendkasse tba.* 


Selofan is a death-inspired love-story, a match made in heaven and hell. Since forming in the cradle of Europe back in 2012, the Athens-based duo have paved their own perditious way, reinventing the modern Dark Wave scene throughout the continent and worldwide with their prolific creativity and work ethic over the past decade. As well-known purveyors of allusive, synth-infused Cold Wave music and the driving force behind the Greek label, Fabrika Records, Selofan have followed the siren call of the 80’s goth sounds and minimalism, carving out their own spot at the forefront of independent wave music scene. The seasoned hunters are constantly digging for new dramas and passions to grace their visual intention and musical charm. The band specializes in deep, cold and racy analog sounds combined with howling vocals, well-distilled synths and heartbroken sax—which brings along the occasional shootout across genre trenches. Varied experimental synth-scapes are conjured with keen ears for sound design, production, and theatrical aesthetics. Selofan don’t just rest on their laurels earned by creating highly danceable Cold Wave infused music; together with Joanna Pavlidou's haunting vocals, and Dimitris Pavlidis' throbbing bass guitar, and modular synth compositions, the pair conjure whole other worlds and narratives throughout each album and music video they create. They create an unpopulated dramatic realm where sad lovers shape-shift into a destructive, obsessive, ambitious persona with a driven desire.
Over the last decade Selofan has given us six studio albums, each one of them possessing its own unique identity. Selofan avoid the comfort of settling on one sound style and continue to experiment, mixing many different music genres and languages in order to express deeply emotional, fatalistic music. Dreamy saxophone melodies find their way through strong drum machine beats, a New Wave bass riff and powerful haunting female vocals, singing or storytelling and presenting themselves in such a theatrical way, that each live performance is emotionally overwhelming.
The band’s love songs and odes to the failures and hysterias of the subculture brilliantly express the themes they’ve been exploring throughout their existence: that there is dark humor in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laugh and cry in the same breath—and get stronger. Their sound is intense, inflammatory and sometimes harrowing—tapping into the depths of madness: channeling a lover’s call to arms, power of self-awareness and brutal rawness of desperation, love and hate conflict, colliding into devastating effects.

Ultra Sunn  
The new EBM/Coldwave sensation is here!
Since 2020 and their success "Keep Your Eyes Peeled", the duo from Brussels has won unanimous support by performing concerts all over the world (Europe, South and North America). ULTRA SUNN expresses a desire for modernity through its themes, sounds and collaborations (Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Zanias, Curses, Sarin) while being in line with classical EBM and Belgian electronic music.
ULTRA SUNN quickly saw itself playing alongside Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF and even A Split Second.
Sam's deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines.
Active in classical arts and fashion shows, these inspirations are reflected in their work. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave, New Beat and modern EBM energy. Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing and luminous hymns about self improvement, fight against anxiety and gender equality always with an inclusive, powerful and positive spirit.

Photo & Text: @ Greyzone Concerts

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