Jazz, Electronica, Drum'n'Bass
So. 22.05.2022   20.00 h



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Jojo Mayer / Nerve (CH/US) *live*

Doors 20h
Show 21h

Minimum age: 18

*Presale 29,50 € incl. fee * BoxOffice tba*

NERVE evolved out of Jojo Mayer’s legendary party event Prohibited Beatz in NYC during the late 90′s. Initially a platform for experimental interaction between DJ’s, visual artists, musicians and the audience, the collective eventually developed into a fine tuned group that cross-pollinated the premeditated format of programmed electronic music styles with real time, improvised music performance. Within that format, the band assimilated a wide spectrum of electronic styles from old school Jungle, Dub Step and Glitch beats to Minimal and Tech House and anything that could escape the confines of genre. In the process, the group managed to acquaint a new audience with improvised music for the first time and ultimately bring the Jazz tradition of improvisation, innovation, driving rhythms and stylistic evolution to the digital age.

NERVE re-examines and transcends the relationship between human creativity and digital technology and has created a new form of musical expression which is completely unique in the world today. The aim is authentic 21st century music.

NERVE sounds like electronic music, but it’s not. It doesn’t sound like jazz or rock, but it is.

NERVE’s basic trio set up  of Drums Bass and Keyboards is consistently accompanied by their own live sound engineer.

The current line up of NERVE consists of:
JOHN DAVIS, Bass & Low End Manipulation
JACOB BERGSON, Keys & Synths 
AARON NEVEZIE, Sound and Realtime Audio Deconstruction


Jojo Mayer / Nerve

(CH/US) Drum'n'Bass, Electronica, Experimental, Jazz

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