Liebe Freund*innen, (english below)

Es macht uns unfassbar traurig, aber wir schließen (wieder).

Die Krankenhäuser sind (wieder) voll, dass Pflegepersonal sowie Ärzt*innen sind (wieder bzw. weiter) überlastet, Operationen müssen (wieder) verschoben werden.
Menschen, die sich auskennen (nämlich Wissenschaftler*innen) betteln förmlich um Kontaktreduzierung, damit die pandemische Lage nicht noch weiter aus dem Ruder läuft.

Wir möchten nicht unnötig zum Infektionsgeschehen beitragen.

Es ist so unglaublich schade, weil all das nicht nötig wäre.

Es ist so ein unglaubliches Glück, dass so schnell Impfstoffe entwickelt werden konnten, durch die wir die Pandemie hätten eindämmen können. Wir haben Impfstoffe, die vor schweren Verläufen schützen und die Ansteckungsgefahren reduzieren. Geimpfte Menschen schützen sich selbst und andere.

Es könnte so einfach sein.

Unsere Solidarität gilt allen, die in den Krankenhäusern und Pflegeheimen jeden Tag aufs Neue (wieder) versuchen, Leben zu retten und dabei (wieder) bis ans Ende ihrer Kräfte gehen müssen.



Dear friends,

It makes us incredibly sad, but we close (again).

Hospitals are (again) full, nursing staff and doctors are (again or further) overburdened, operations have to be (again) postponed.
People who professionally knows about (namely scientists) are literally begging to reduce contacts so that the pandemic situation does not get further out of control.

We do not want to contribute unnecessarily to the infection process.

It is such a shame because none of this is necessary.
It is so incredibly fortunate that vaccines, that could have helped us contain the pandemic, could have been developed so quickly. We have vaccines that protect against severe diseases and reduce the risk of infection. Vaccinated people protect themselves and others.

It could have been so easy.

Our solidarity goes out to everyone who tries (again) every day in hospitals and nursing homes to save lives and therefore has to go (again) to the end of their tether.

Gretchen team

Electronica, Glitch-Hop
Sa. 05.02.2022   23.59 h




CloZee (Gravitas Rec./FR)

Support: il:lo

Minimum Age: 18

*Presale 12 €/ 15 €/ 18 € plus fee * Box Office tba*

A purveyor of lucid sounds, French producer Chloé Herry is a worldly and rhythmic figure in the electronic music atmosphere. Best known as CloZee, this Toulouse dwelling producer awakens the wanderer within. Orchestrated under the umbrella of modern electronic music, CloZee’s sound can best be described as world bass. Drawing inspiration from her frequent travels and subsequent explosive performances across the globe, the multidimensional musician casts a wide net that draws listeners in from all walks of life. The 2015 release of CloZee’s breakthrough single “Koto” marked the beginning of her legacy. Capitalizing on the acclaimed introduction, her debut album Evasion sent ripples throughout the electronic music industry, cementing her as a modern champion of genre-bending bass.

Her on-stage presence has moved crowds in enchanting geographic regions from the likes of France, India, Australia, and all across the US including charismatic sets at Coachella and Lollapalooza in 2019. Despite forging a language of her own, CloZee’s sound is succinctly disciplined - rooted in classical guitar production and fused with a penchant for freeform melodies. Exploring universes of art that reach far beyond the realm of sound and music, CloZee’s creativity is prompted by the mystifying nature of painting, dreams, and even changes in weather. A grandiose marriage between culture and sound, CloZee is still navigating the genesis of her already highly-influential career. Sitting on a goldmine of new music, fans and critics alike should expect 2020 to be a milestone year for the diversifying producer. CloZee recently linked up with her close-collaborator Opiuo on their joint single “Bam Bam.” As her impending Neon Jungle album is set to debut on her imprint Odyzey Music, her forthcoming festival appearances are expected to solidify her as a revolutionary in both organic and electronic dance music. Like a ticking time bomb, Chloé Herry is prepared to beam into the horizon with her artistic ingenuity and refined musical flair.

Photocredit: Alden Bonecutter


(Gravitas Rec./FR) Bass, Electronica

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