Because of having Schlachthofbronx at Gretchen on Saturday, October 22, we talked to them in advance to get a little more impressions about these great two guys.

The most likely first question that pops into peoples minds might be “What’s the origin of their name?” Well, there is a district in Munich, the hometown of Bene and Jakob, that is called Schlachthofviertel which is populary known as Schlachthofbronx. With that being clarified let’s talk about what is really important when it comes to the Bavarian duo, the music!

 Jamie: We have read, you once met in a graffiti crew and didn’t like each other. True? Why not and why did that change?

SHB: Yes true, we both were in the same graffiti crew back in the days. And well, we didnt really like each other for quite a long time, because we were smartasses/teenagers/you name it. But we always knew the other one was into music aswell, and followed each others work a bit … then one day we met at the birthday party of a common friend (who doubles as our driver now sometimes at shows), and started talking about music, favourite producers, and how we missed a night in Munich that played more than just one genre of music (which was the norm back then in 2007. just imagine, Myspace age..!) After a while of talking, we decided to meet up and do some music for our sets. Thats how everything started….


Jamie: You call your sound hybrid club music, what does that mean and what exactly is your aspiration as producers?

SHB: Well, naming your sound is both weird, but somehow necessary nowadays. We realized that we’re drawn to various kinds of music styles, with the common thing that it mostly developed in a raw and dirty club enviroment, and also with a heavy focus on playing it on a proper soundsystem. Be it grime, baile funk, dub, dancehall, digital cumbia, footwork and more… We started out producing edits and tracks for our own dj-sets. That’s our roots, and we’re coming back to this a lot. As producers, we want to do something really fresh, innovative and new. Plus we still want it to work in a club, so we basically try to get away with stuff most people wouldn’t expect or dare to do in a club enviroment. We also do music that doesn’t focus on clubs though, thats where we try to actually produce good songs, which can be interesting as well.


Jamie: Since you have teamed up in 2008 you kept releasing LP’s every 2 to 3 years. Your last Album came out in 2014, can we expect the next one in 2017?

SHB: Haha, yes, we’ve been really productive over the last years. We gonna put some stuff out this year, and then some more in 2017. Album is on the way too, yes! Can’t say much more now, but we are really excited! Also, if you wanna hear what our next album is gonna sound like, you just have to come to our shows, as we tend to play a lot of unreleased stuff in our sets way in advance.


Jamie: During the years you have released many EP’s on different labels but for your LP’s you always went back to the Munich based cult label Disco B. What is your connection to Disco B?

SHB: Disko B is a real cornerstone of the Munich music scene, they did great stuff like IF or DJ Hell and so much more, way before there was a techno-infrastructure in place like its existing nowadays. We met Upstart, the owner, when we were putting up our first nights at his club “Rote Sonne” in Munich with acts like Spoek Mathambo, Radioclit etc. back in 2008. He really liked our productions, and so we started to work on our first album for them. Nowadays they’re family to us, as they are music fans first, like us.


Jamie: In 2011 you had two releases on Diplo’s label Mad Decent. What’s the story behind it?

SHB: We have met Diplo at some shows we played together, when he was starting with major lazer, back then together with switch. As we exchanged tracks for a while, the idea of a release came up, which ended up to be released in early 2011, when we also did our first US show. 


Jamie: How do you choose your features? Status, taste or sympathy?

SHB: It used to be only friends and people we already knew from playing, but after a while we also managed to talk some great people into doing a feature who didn’t even knew us before. But of course we only do features with people whose music we love, no matter the status. If a song is good, a song is good.


Jamie: You have a new project called Blurred Vision which sounds very interesting. Exclusively produced tracks for a more than 50,000 watt soundsystem to make the audience not only hear but also feel the music. But maybe you would like to give us some more details about it yourself?!

SHB: Yes, its our new baby! We always had the dream of touring with our own soundsystem sometime in the future, as we know how important it is to have a good sound, especially with the kind of music we are doing, we want it to be a physical experience.Then we met some friends from the dub scene in Munich who were actually building a quite big rig themselves, and so we got involved and started our Blurred Vision project. Its a really beautiful soundsystem with amazing bass, incredible punch and no distortion or noise on the high end….actually more like 60.000 watt by the way..;)We are doing some shows in 2016, but are already planning some more shows for 2017. you cant really explain it, you just have to feel it!


Jamie: As a producing team with your status that is traveling so much to play all around the world does it still have the same thrill after all these years or does it feel like work from time to time?

SHB: Yes! The thrill never left us. So we won’t complain, we are able to do the thing we love and make a living out of it! Of course there are times when it’s not that exciting, like the usual office stuff no one likes, or some money hustle – but as soon as there is a club or a festival, and we can play out that new track we just finished days ago, and you can see how people react to it, it’s still a dream, of course!


Jamie: You have already played several times at Gretchen. Is there anything special about Gretchen and/or Berlin?

SHB: Yes, Berlin was always treating us great, we never had a bad show there since the early beginnings in 2008, when we played in some old brewery building with a wodka fountain.
Gretchen is really close to our hearts, as it’s one of the few places that puts on shows with diverse lineups, and takes a risk with some bookings. Also they managed to grow a real openminded crowd, which seems tricky in a city with lots of clubbing tourists…Won’t say more (…you know we love you guys!)


Jamie: Any last statements?

SHB: rrrrrreally looking forward to our show later in October! We got so much new stuff to play to you, plus there is Kahn playing as well – he is a don and top DJ who plays loads of exclusives, and is one of the few people who takes the time and energy and cuts his own dubplates for shows (a lot of them actually.. :).
See you on the dancefloor!

Ciao & merci, Jakob & Bene