Record Tips: Delfonic picks in November

1) Henry Wu & Tito Wun “27 Karat Years” // Tartelet

2) Nas1 “Money $ex 09” // Money $ex

3) Miguel de Deus “Black Soul Brothers” // Groovie

4) Fela Kuti “Shakara(180g)” // Knitting Factory

5) Poor Righteous Teachers “Pure Poverty” // Profile Records

6) Flume & Chet Faker “Lockjaw” // Future Classic

7) K15 / Lismore / Fyi Chris / Ben Houghton “CDR X Dimensions: Dimension Sounds” // CDR Collaborations

8) Marcel Vogel “Human Beings” // Intimate Friends

9) DJ Dogg & Furious Frank “Space Call / Flamen Galah (DJ Fett Burger rmx)” // Butter Sessions

10) Various Artists “Beauty: A Journey Through Jeremy Underground’s Collection” // Spacetalk


bbf_blogDaniel Brandt, Jan Brauer and Paul Frick – Brandt Brauer Frick – have made a name for themselves with their unorthodox style and outstanding live performances. For their new album “Joy” the trio has brought the Canadian singer and songwriter Beaver Sheppard on board to produce an entire vocal-focused LP. On the Thursday, November 10 Gretchen presents the Album Release *LIVE*. We take this opportunity to ask some questions about the latest release, producing, playing live, success and much more.

Jamie: Already in early 2016 we have heard Beaver Sheppard on your EP “Holy Night” / “Poor Magic”, now he’s on the entire Album. Please tell us about how you guys met and what made you want to produce this album with him?

B.B.F.: We met Beaver in 2013 in Montreal through a good friend. He instantly intrigued us as a person while hanging out, someone with a unique and almost constant output of ideas and associations. When we found out about all the things he does, whether it’s singing, writing, story-telling, painting or cooking, we wanted to try and make music with him. A few months later we got booked for a special event series in Switzerland and they asked if we could bring a singer. So we thought of him, and used the opportunity to record with him for weeks. As we loved it, we invited him to Berlin more times and it became this album.

Jamie: Are there more projects with him planned for the near future, will it be Brandt Brauer Frick Sheppard from now on?

B.B.F.: For now, it’s for this album, but we’ll definitely do more things together, too early to think in which way. Continue reading “BRANDT BRAUER FRICK”


neosignalNeosignal Night: 12.11.2016 @ Gretchen

In 2008 the duo and indie label Neosignal, based in Hamburg, left their footprints for the very first time in the electronic music universe, and made their way up ever since. The two main heads of operations Florian Harres (Phace) and Michael Bräuninger (Misanthrop) are claiming for themselves to be “against a more and more solely capitalistic and marketing driven trend of the main stream industry”, but to “break through the borders of stereotypical conventions and to set the standard for cutting edge music”, they say.

In other words: They do it for the love! Besides the music that they produce for Neosignal and Neodigital recordings they both have a quite impressive resume. With releases on labels like Virus, Renegade Hardware, Critical, RAM, Shogun Audio (and the list goes on) these guys are far from being new to main stage. Phace and Misanthrop are playing all over the world and regulary in the motherland of Drum’n’Bass, the UK.

And also the label went international. Nowadays Neosignal recordings has such a standing that names such as Alix Perez, Rockwell, Mefjus, Spor or Noisia are on its card as well. “When we started Neosignal at the end of 2008 we wanted to create our own outlet for our musical and visual visions,” Phace mentions. “Having an own label means you are in full control. For us personally this is quite an important aspect, as we can fully decide on the way but also on the channels our art will be presented in. We also wanted the label to grow organically; for example at the beginning we did not have concrete plans to release much music by other acts. This actually happened naturally. We now are really happy to have created a home also for other artists and for us to release any music we feel.” Continue reading “NEOSIGNAL”