Interviews: Equiknoxx

Jamaica, that beautiful Caribbean island is known for its dreamy beaches, a natural jewel, premier tourism destination and of course the birthplace of reggae. Music is an important aspect of the country and is deeply rooted in its culture and way of life. The Kingston based dancehall and reggae collective Equiknoxx is one of Jamaica’s most interesting musical exports of the last decade. Ninja Tune legend The Bug has invited the band for the next “Pressure”, his own regular night at Gretchen, on September 14. We had the chance to talk to Gavsborg, one of the producers of Equiknoxx, about the band, their work and music in general.

Jamie: Thank you so much for taking the time. Let us start with a simple question: What does the name Equiknoxx stand for?

Gavsborg: You are most welcome 🙂 , the name Equiknoxx stands for a group of truants who found more comfort in the library rather than the classroom.

Jamie: Equiknoxx is often described as a collective, but it seems like the brains and muscles behind the project are the producers Gavsborg and Time Cow. Who else is part of the group and is there a clear hierarchy within the band?

Gavsborg: The muscles behind the group are all the components as we all have been integral to facilitating our current position. The members of Equiknoxx are: Bobby Blackbird, Gavsborg, Kemikal Splash, Shanique Marie and Time Cow. I was releasing tracks under the name Equiknoxx from 2003, then Blackbird and I started the label officially in 2007. Time Cow, Shanique Marie and Kemikal Splash joined us between 2009 and 2012. Continue reading “Equiknoxx”

Features: The Sample Music Festival 2017 at Gretchen.

Already for the third time the Sample Music Festival returns to Gretchen this weekend, September 2nd and 3rd. This unique event was invented to give people the chance to have a closer look on how producers work these days. It puts the spotlight especially on the so called turntablism – the art of manipulating sounds and creating new music, sound effects, mixes and other creative sounds and beats – the controllerism – the art and practice of using musical software controllers – and sampling – the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece.

The Sample Music Festival is meant to be “A podium to exchange expert knowledge, discussion, and high quality live performances.” and, as far as we know, the only one of its kind at least in Europe if not worldwide. During the last two years we saw workshops and performances by no other than Eskei83, Marc Hype, Alex Sonnenfeld, D-Styles, Doshy, DJ Raedawn and many more. For the SMF 2017 the organizers have again invited a few of the most notable protagonists of each of their categories to give you a view on their work, such as Symatic & Moschops from the UK, Dr. Ryan Ross Smith from New York or Akila Be Water from Paris. Continue reading “The Sample Music Festival 2017 at Gretchen.”

Features: What So Not is back!

Chris Emerson a.k.a. Emoh Instead a.k.a. What So Not is once more paying Berlin a visit to, as usual, play at Gretchen on August 25! After the release of his latest EP “Divide & Conquer” end of last year, which was praised by fans and critics, he recently published a new video to the Song “Trust”, also to be found on the EP. The track was produced together with Los Angeles based producer, DJ and songwriter  Matthew James Burns, better known just as BURNS, and has the potential to be a absolute club-hit.

In anticipation of the event we have thought to put this out there for those who are not familiar with What So Not so far and of course for those who know but might have not seen the video yet.

See you on Friday!

Features: A musical journey through our August program

The summer has finally hit Berlin and we have planned many many great events for everyone who is looking for some fun, be it sleepless locals or tourists that would like to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife. More details about our program you can find here on our website of course, but to give you a little preview we have put together this playlist with our favourite tracks of some of the artists who are about to play at Gretchen this August.

We hope you will enjoy this sweet selection of music, add it to your playlists and to see you at some of our upcoming events!



Record Tips: Delfonic picks in August

1) Blackbush Orchestra – Famiglia EP / Beauty & the Beat

2) (The Real) Kent Clark – OYE Edits 04 / Vinyl Only

3) Brothermartino & Ivory Boy – Money $ex 7“ 03

4) Shabazz Palaces – Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star / Sub Pop

5) Ed Motta – Ja!!! The Mighty Zar Edits / Kalakuta Soul Records

6) Idris Muhammad – Turn This Mutha Out / Soul Brother

7) Dogpatrol – SWZ002 / Schwarz 12

8) Yak – Mido / Version

9) DJ Sotofett pres. Jesse – Twotinos

10) Caliban – Digital Reggae / Music From Memory