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Live From Earth presents: DRAIN GANG FIEND (D&G) TOUR 2017



Bladee (Gravity Boys/SE) *live*
Thaiboy Digital (Gravity Boys/SE) *live*
Ecco2k (Gravity Boys/SE) *live*
Whitearmor (Gravity Boys/SE) *live*

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Live From Earth presents Drain Gang Fiend (D&G) Tour 2017

Creating and curating the new wave of highly influential urban never-look-back music, Drain Gang (Bladee, Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital & WhiteArmor) first started gaining notoriety in 2014 for their self-released, emotionally charged take on r&b; obscure and futuristic DIY tracks that quickly established themselves an obsessive cult following in the cut-throat worlds of music and fashion alike.

Aside from touring and selling out venues worldwide with Yung Lean & Sadboys, clocking streaming figures into their millions with their music, dues being paid from the likes of Vogue, collaborations with Halcyon Veil and Non Worldwide plus providing art/creative direction for brands like Sadboys Gear and Eytys, their sound have constantly been expanding and evolving; twisted yet nuanced autotuned voices float on top of dark, angelic beats with an abundance of bass, singular aesthetics, lethal melodies and broken down rhythms.

Despite Thaiboy Digital´s unexpected deportation from Sweden in the end of 2015, Drain Gang kept accelerating and 2016 saw the release of Thaiboy Digital/Bladee collaborative album “AvP” and followed standout Bladee solo album “Eversince” as well as a string of electrifying live performances across the globe, something they look to build on with a full EU,UK tour this fall.

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(Gravity Boys/SE) Cloud Rap

Thaiboy Digital

(Gravity Boys/SE) Cloud Rap


(Gravity Boys/SE) Cloud Rap


(Gravity Boys/SE) Cloud Rap

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