Features: Lapalux

The summer is almost there and we have another special planned for you. On May 27 we are presenting the British charming prince Lapalux live in concert. For those who have no clue who that is, because you were on a sailing trip around the world or any other reason that made you have no access to modern music, here is a little update for you about this guys career and his music.

Stuart Howard a.k.a. Lapalux (short for “Lap of Luxury”) grew up in Essex, England, immediately north-east of London. The first time he appeared in the world of music was when he pulled out a bootleg remix of Gwen Stefani’s song “Luxurious”, which went viral. After a first self-published EP entitled “Forest”, in 2008, he caught the attention of the British label Picture Music who then released his “Many Faces Out Of Focus“ EP, in 2011. The EP is a perfect demonstration of the producer’s limitless skills. Catchy key lines that are difficult to shift from the memory for a long time after listening, a hypnotic manipulation of vocal samples, half-time beats and reversed chords. Long story short, “Many Faces Out Of Focus“ is refreshing, unique and definitely a very impressive label debut. The success of the EP made him work even harder and so he released not one but two EP’s the following year, 2012, both on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records. Continue reading “Lapalux”

Interviews: Black Sun Empire

If you are not familiar with the name Black Sun Empire, formed by Rene Verdult and the brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer,  you are either very new to the drum’n’bass genre or you are simply not into this kind of music at all. The trio from Utrecht, Netherlands, is famous for their explosive hard and heavy productions, their intense DJ sets and, not to forget, their Blackout events, held all over Europe and beyond. Traditionally the Gretchen is the home for the Blackout events in Berlin and the next one is close, May 13. After such a long time of working together our relationship to these guys became a friendship and so we thought it would be nice to sit down with a cup of tea and some cookies and ask some questions.

Jamie: Black Sun was a criminal syndicate that came into prominence during the Clone Wars as the Jedi Order focused more on military affairs and less on law enforcement. How did you came up with the name? Are you guys “Trekkies”?

BSE: We grew up watching Star Wars and by the time we really needed a name Milan was actually reading one of the books. While flicking through we stumbled upon ‘Black Sun’ and that sounded real good to us, but it needed something else. So by adding another iconic Star wars name ‘The Emperor’ we found our destiny 😛

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