Turntablism, Controllerism, Sampling


BOX1 - Lectures & Showcases
BOX2 - Jam Area w/ Open Turntables & Jamsession

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22:00 Aftershow-Party

The „Sample Music Festival“ is a three-day education music festival specializing in turntablism, controllerism and sampling in Berlin. A podium to exchange expert knowledge, discussion, and high quality live performances. Making music by means of sampling will be more transparent and viewed from a theoretical stand- point using: lectures, discussions, workshops and performances by some of the worlds best sample music artists.

BOX1 - Lectures & Showcases:
04:00 pm Alex Sonnenfeld (Berlin)
04:10 pm Akila Be Water (Paris)
04:30 pm Freshfluke (Berlin)
05:00 pm That fucking Sara (Berlin)
05:10 pm Symatic & Moschops (UK)
05:50 pm That fucking Sara (Berlin)
06:00 pm Dr. Arno Simons (Berlin)
06:30 pm That fucking Sara (Berlin)
06:40 pm Dada Scratch (Berlin)
07:00 pm Clockwerk (Hannover)
07:30 pm That fucking Sara (Berlin)
07:40 pm Leaf Audio (Leipzig)
08:10 pm That fucking Sara (Berlin)
08:20 pm Sir-Cut (Dortmund)
08:50 pm That fucking Sara (Berlin)
09:00 pm Dr. Ryan Ross Smith (New York)

BOX 2 - Jam Area:
04:00 pm Open Turntables & Jamsession

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