Tales: Tales #2

Good reviews in the internet are not always helpful, as this email shows…


We have looked up your club and saw pretty good reviews and we like to go to your club. We would like to hear what you are offering for your New Years party? We are looking for a great table next to the dance floor with room for 5 persons and table services.

Please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

Author’s note: Headliner has been Black Sun Empire, drum’n’bass in your face. Would have been funny having a table in front of the DJ booth 🙂

Features: 5 Years Gretchen


Another year has gone by, time flies. We can’t believe ourselves that it has been already 5 years, since we opened these doors for the first time. 5 years full of wonderful moments, incredible live acts, impressive DJ-sets and outstanding performances but also many sleepless nights and up to 30 hour shifts (or even longer…). Our philosophy has always been to promote new artists and out of the ordinary music, which means a lot of digging, research and focusing on the latest trends – or better: being a tastemaker. All the work we put in is definitely paying off whenever we see people leaving the Gretchen after a concert, a club night or any other event we are doing, exhausted but with a big smile on their faces.

Going into our 6th year we have decided to start our own blog! The reason for this decision is to give you a more detailed view on what is happening all around the events. Here you will find interviews of our residents and guests, interesting and funny stories, photos and videos, music tips, bits and bobs and so much more.

A huge thank you goes out to our great staff, residents, supporting friends and anybody else who is working so hard – be it in front or behind the scenes! Without you it wouldn’t be the same lovely atmosphere, that makes the Gretchen such a special place to us and our guests. Also we are proud and humble being able to work with so many talented artists from all over the world, some of them even becoming friends along the way.

A big hug also to our Berlin regular guests who always make us happy. Just great seeing people again and again, coming to different genres, experimenting with their own music taste. We know: It is special that you are so openminded!

And last but not least all music lovers from around the world: you, who you are reading this right know, have hopefully been at Gretchen before or are maybe planning to come while visiting this beautiful city Berlin. For all of you we are doing what we do, because music brings people together like nothing else can!

With that being said we hope for another tremendously exciting, extraordinary and mind blowing year with all of you!

Thank you so much!

Gretchen Team


Tales: Tales #1

One of the best email questions ever:

“Do you sell drinks in the club?”

Author’s note: Ohhh, we never thought about that! Might be a good idea selling drinks in a club! Very smart!

Interviews: Delfonic

11828726_10153182789404858_7150950651615192435_nPartner of OYE records and long term resident of Gretchen and Icon, Delfonic’s experience and eclectic knowledge in music cannot be doubted.

Now the Berlin based DJ has a collection of records under his belt including Box aus Holz, Torben and Money Sex Records. Having supported the likes of Machinedrum, Kaytranada and Mr Scruff and played a host of prestigious festivals like Fusion, Soundwave and Splash, we caught up with him to find out where it all started, how he sorts his sets and what’s coming up next….

Jamie: You are a Gretchen resident from the very beginning and also have been a long term resident at Icon before (for those who don’t know: The former club of the Gretchen team). That has to do with your unorthodox style and especially with the wide range of music you play which fits perfectly into the concept and ideology of Gretchen. How do you put your sets together before a gig? Do you know exactly what you will play in advance or is it more kind of a freestyle way of choosing the next record while mixing?

Delfonic: First I have to say, that for me being a resident at Gretchen and for years at Icon was and is always a great honour, because the bookings are one of my favourites in Berlin. Continue reading “Delfonic”