Features: Icon Undead – Memorial Day ft. EATBRAIN

Traditionally we come together on the first Saturday each year and celebrate the golden times of the Icon club (1996 – 2012). It all goes down on January the 7th at Gretchen, this time we have invited Eatbrain to party with us and Berlin’s bass lovers. But before we talk about our guests for this event let us talk about the Icon club, a place that meant so much to us and the Berlin scene.

Already in our feature for the 20 years Recycle – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass event we spoke in details about this historical place, which was our home before Gretchen. What made the Icon so special? To be honest .. we have no idea. Of course we gave our best to promote and run events there, but there is no formula about how to create the right atmosphere. Obviously we somehow managed to do it, probably it was a mixture of the right bookings and the right staff that gave people the feeling of partying with friends, no matter if you lived just around the corner or you were a tourist. Up to now regular guests of the Icon would mention the familiar atmosphere between staff and crowd, the friendly door and the peaceful vibe on the parties, no matter how packed it was. Continue reading “Icon Undead – Memorial Day ft. EATBRAIN”


Project: Mooncircle 15th Anniversary Label Showcase: 06.01.2017 @ Gretchen

The Berlin based cult label Project: Mooncircle is about to celebrate their 15th anniversary at Gretchen on Friday, January 6. They have put together a huge lineup with many many live acts and DJ’s who are related to the label. Also that night, the PMC 15th anniversary documentary premiere and a meet and greet with the legendary british comic artist Dave Mckean and the Italian freelance illustrator Lorena Assisi. We were always close with Gordon Gieseking, the founder of PMC who even has made some great artwork at our club, so it felt only natural to give the label the attention that it deserves and write a little article about it.

The story behind Project: Mooncircle is the classic version of how almost every successful indie label starts.It needs somebody who is very passionate about music and willing to do the job that most of the artists don’t like to do, basically planning, organizing, promoting and anything else that has to be done. Gieseking was that “somebody”. Growing up highly influenced by the whole Hip Hop culture movement he decided to pack the bags and jump on a flight to Miami, Florida, where he did a few internships at some of the local underground music labels.This was probably the time when the idea of doing this for a living himself first came to mind. Back in Germany he immediately started to make plans and when he met Thomas Ulrich, who is running the mailorder HHV.de, in 2002 things were kicking off. First it all started with artists he met during his time in the states but step by step it went more and more international. Continue reading “15 YEARS PROJECT: MOONCIRCLE”

Features: 20 YEARS RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass

It’s a family thing!

On the 10th of December 2016 the Recycle crew is celebrating their 20st Birthday at Gretchen. Along with the crew members there will be many great acts which are part of the family – some of them from the very beginning.

Gretchen has always been the home for the Recycle events, likewise the Icon club before, that’s why we would like to look back on 20 years of Jungle/D&B in Berlin and reminisce.

So many amazing memories, so many wonderful moments. Where could we even start?  Let’s look at some numbers first: In 20 years there were more than 1000 events with approximately 2500 guest DJ’s and MC’s and we can only guess how many people came to the parties. Maybe you, who is reading this, were one of them! Countless hours of planning, organizing and promoting and many many sleepless nights up to today. Is it all worth it? Definitely! Being the most likely longest regular Jungle/D&B night probably worldwide gives us goosebumps and makes us so proud.

Continue reading “20 YEARS RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest Drum’n’Bass”

Features: ROMARE

romare1Romare is coming to Berlin again to play at Gretchen Saturday, December 3. This time he won’t be alone, when presenting his new album “Love Songs: Part Two” which was recently released. Let’s put the spotlight on the british talent and his previous output.

Back when Archie Fairhurst has studied African American Visual Culture he stumbled across the work of Romare Bearden, who was known for his cartoons and oils but mainly for his collages. Fascinated by his work he chose the artist name Romare and started approaching music production somehow the same way as making a collage.

After university Romare moved to Paris, bought some turntables and started mixing, experimenting and sampling from second hand records. This is when things has gotten more and more serious.

In 2012 the indie label Black Acre signed him and released his EP “Meditations on Afrocentrism”. With the very positive feedback that came with his first record also came the opportunity to play more live shows. Financially independent he decided to move to London. Continue reading “ROMARE”