„What Is This“ is the peak of Machinedrum’s Human Energy concept… so far

Last year Machinedrum released his latest album „Human Energy“ that he also presented live at Gretchen in April 2017. With that record he performed a radical change of style but without being unfaithful to his sound and its core features. His tunes became more colourful, way brighter, less sample based and were kind of approaching Pop and R’n’B music.

Since his album’s release the Ninja Tune veteran already dropped the tune „U Betta“ that is continuing this artistic journey. But now Machinedrum released the single „What Is This“ feat. Rosie Lowe which is basically the peak of his young stylistic concept… at least, so far. It combines dreamlike melodies and sharp synths with punchy drums and stirring R’n’B vocals.

We can’t wait what is still to come.