Stööki Sound is back at Gretchen, on February 4, to drop the bass. The duo, formed by DJ Lukey and the lead vocalist Jelacee, is known for their intense performances. Wherever they show up the crowd goes crazy like there is no tomorrow. But Stööki is more than just a Sound! Since its foundation in 2012 the two London boys have rapidly build a whole movement. According to their website the three keywords are Sound, Vision and Play and the collective’s mission is to Design, Produce and Curate. What exactly does this mean? Let’s find out.

London has always been a place for musical innovations, no other city in Europe has set so many trends during the last three decades. From Breakbeats to Jungle, Drum’n’Bass to Garage, Grime to UK Bass music and numerous sub genres, the creativity seems to have no limitations in the British capital. This is where Lukey and Jelacee grew up and into. They both started at a very young age to make music. Lukey (28) produced his first beats with only 13 years and Jelacee (23) started making music at the age of 14.

What must have brought them together might be their passion for Grime, Hip Hop, Trap and Bass, which is kind of what to expect when they enter the stage. This passion brought them all around the globe and back. Besides playing in the U.S. quite regularly they traveled to Australia, China and Southeast Asia with their sound and of course Stööki is a household name all over Europe. In 2016 they have launched their own indie record label Ö.N.E. Worldwide and have released the “Osiris” EP. Seven tracks that give you a feel of what Stööki stands for and Jelacee’s debut, proving he’s more than just a live MC.



So far so good, but as already mentioned, Stööki stands for so much more. The Stööki Craft Makers for example, founded by Quincey Cassell Williams, Nadia Abbas and Luke Hippolyte. This art collective promotes co-creation and audience participation. Their focus lies on B2C projects (B2C meaning: “Business to consumer” is business or transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services.) specialized on experientially led campaigns that aim to utilise online and offline social platforms and they design and build interactive installations and produce highly engaging events. The Stööki Craft Makers have worked for the Japanese software company Nintendo, the Austrian energy drink seller Red Bull, the German sportswear manufacturer Adidas and the designer  fashion label Louis Vuitton, just to name a few. Their work is very outstanding, creative, inspiring and pioneering.



Besides the Stööki Legacy Range, which you can find on their website, where the movement is presenting the more or less typical fan merchandize from shirts to headwear and other accessories, they have come up with different collections of fashion and jewellery during the last years. “Trivium”, for example, is a collection of necklaces, rings and bracelets. All items were made in the House of Stööki’s London workshop located in the Somerset House, which by the way is a very historical place and always has been the home for all kinds of creative work. Stööki about their collection: “Trivium is a systematic method of critical thinking used to derive factual certainty from information perceived with the five senses — sight, sound, taste, tact, and smell. In the medieval university, the trivium was the lower division of the seven liberal arts, and comprised grammar, logic, and rhetoric”. For the “Geodesic” collection they collaborated with the British fashion label Topman. Each piece of „Geodesic“ is hand-crafted, with sculptural and three-dimensional shapes and a very unique look to highlight everyday menswear clothing. Last but not least, the “Obscura” collection. This collection is both, jewellery and fashion. The 3 elements that are visualized on these items are representing Sound, Vision and Play, the fundamental to Stööki’s prozess, following the steady ongoing work of the Stööki movement there is definitely more to come.



All this combined is proving that these guys are driven by so much creativity that it seems like one field of activity is not enough. The question that remains is .. When do these guys ever sleep? If you haven’t been to one of their gigs yet, as this is not the first time they play at Gretchen, we strongly suggest not to miss the Stööki Sound this time! Futuristic club sound at its best. We hope to see you there!