Hospitality Night Berlin

Gretchen is proud and happy to host the Hospitality nights in Berlin. The next one is right around the corner, March 25, and the Line-up speaks for itself. A true Jungle/D&B legend who have not played in Berlin in a long long time, a superstar of the genre and one of the most talked about of the last years. But before we take a closer look at these guys, let us find out more about Hospitality, a name that rings a bell of junglists and bass addicts all around the globe.

It is 1996, Forest Hill, South London, two enthusiastic men with a plan are starting their independent label Hospital Records. Tony Colman, also known as the man behind London Electricity, and Chris Goss had a vision and were ready to jump into cold water to swim with the sharks. Their engagement and hard work paid off relatively fast, as Hospital became a well known name and was mentioned in the same breath with leading labels of Jungle/D&B at that time like for instance Metalheadz, Moving Shadow or Reinforced. Releasing artists on the imprint such as London Electricity, the Austrian duo Camo & Krooked, Danny Bird, Nu:Tone, Logistics, Fred V & Grafix, and the list goes on, guarantee a level of quality that makes it hard for other labels to keep up with and almost unlikely to even top it. The sound of Hospital Records is warm and easy, soulful but impulsive. Music for the dance floor as well as hanging out with friends or in your car driving down the highway. In 2001 Hospital came to the conclusion that it was time to start their own event series. Maybe the parties at that time were not what Colman and Goss were looking for, be it the atmosphere, ticket prices or door politics. Or maybe it was just the wish to present their very own idea of Jungle/D&B, in the right environment and with a Line-up that they could put together themselves to feature the labels artists as much as possible. They named it Hospitality and the first event took place at the, now closed, Herbal club in Shoreditch, East London. From there Hospitality took it to several London clubs such as Heaven, Matter and all the way up to the Brixton O2 Academy. But London became too small, so they started to throw regular events all over the UK. From Brighton to Bristol, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds and everywhere else where people were asking for it. But guess what? Great Britain became too small, so Hospitality took it to Miami, Tokyo, Ibiza and many other locations across the globe, until they finally landed in Berlin where Gretchen was their first choice. We are feeling honoured and looking forward to a long partnership with many great nights at our club.You probably want to know who will be on the wheels of steel this time? As usual Hospitality will not disappoint you: This card is something for everyone from the old school to the next generation of D&B heads.

Starting with a man who gained legendary status over the last almost three decades. LTJ Bukem is well known for his very unique sets, which are transporting a jazzy, atmospheric vibe. Trained as a classical pianist in his teenage years and coming from a mainly jazz and funk background he became a DJ in the late 80’s. LTJ Bukem quickly made a name for himself amongst ravers and started to run his own club nights in London, which was called Speed. He then teamed up with MC Conrad, a collaboration that went viral. The perfect combination of LTJ Bukem’s mellow melodic sets and the smooth heavy delayed rhymes of MC Conrad were highly appreciated by fans of the genre. The duo was touring extensively around the world, often under the “Progression Sessions” or “Bukem in Session” banners, until they went separate ways in 2012. Countless releases and remixes are showing his very own signature and his softer-edged influences culled from London’s 1980s rare groove and acid jazz scenes.  LTJ Bukem’s music is often tagged as intelligent drum’n’bass, which here and there cost controversy within the D&B community. He is definitely a innovator, developing an accessible alternative to the genre’s hard and speedy sound.



The name of the next DJ on the card is usually printed in big letters on any flyers and posters wherever he plays. The Brazilian born, London based DJ and producer S.P.Y is one of the shining stars these days. He initially moved to London from Sao Paolo in 2003 to pursue a career as graphic designer. Besides doing this he hosted a club night in a tiny little venue in Camden. Around that time he started to produce tunes on the same laptop he bought for his graphic work, probably with a external hard disk drive (author’s note: just guessing) cause this must have been a lot of audio files to handle for just one macbook. His first single was released on Metalheadz in 2005 and was soon followed by another release on Hospital’s Med school imprint in 2006. He then started to collaborate with the likes of Marcus Intalex, Total Science, Kasra and DJ Marky. In 2009 S.P.Y’s first solo EP was released on Marcus Intalex’s label Soul:R followed by many other releases on several labels such as Digital Soundboy or Innerground before finally signing a deal with Hospital Records in 2012. His first solo LP “What The Future Holds” was released shortly after and won the award in the category “Best Album” at the D&B Awards the very same year. Any following output since then has never disappointed fans or critics. S.P.Y always reinvents his sound and manages to surprise us. As a DJ he knows how to handle a crowd and he is technically well versed. Touring the world from Australia to the United States, Canada, Russia, Asia, New Zealand and Europe, playing on all the major festivals such as Tomorrowland, Global Gathering or Electric Daisy Carnival, he is probably one of the busiest DJ’s these days.



Etherwood came into the game with a big bang. The British producer and singer/songwriter, originally from the idyllic cathedral city Lincoln, within the East Midlands of England, now based in London, released his self-titled debut album via Hospital’s imprint Med School in 2013. It entered the UK Album Chart at number 91, the UK Dance Chart at number 4 and the UK Indie Chart at number 11. The album also received intensive airplay on BBC 1 and 1XTRA shows. Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” Chart ranked his debut LP at 4 and he won the “Best Newcomer DJ” and “Best Newcomer Producer” at the 2013 D&B Arena awards. The British annual independent arts and music festival Nozstock The Hidden Valley described him as “undoubtedly one of the most promising young talents in the scene today”. In 2014 Etherwood provided guest vocals for Fred V & Grafix’s single „Forest Fires”, which entered the UK Single Chart at number 77. He also curated the first of Hospital Records mixtape compilation series,Hospital Mixtape Etherwood” was released end of May 2014. One year later he released his highly anticipated second LP “Blue Leaves” and again it climbed up the charts, UK Album Charts number 47, UK Dance Charts number 3, UK Indie Charts number 5 and the iTunes Electronic Chart ranked it number 1. Etherwood himself described his second album as “…contemplative, explorative and pretty”. He also has revealed that he is working on his third album already, which will feature more live elements.



Hospitality nights are always creating a very special vibe that brings people together no matter what their background or heritage might be. Come with us on a journey into sound.