Tales: Tales #4

Email conversation about age restrictions – with a very, very nice ending ❤

“Dear Gretchen, what is the age restriction for the Jon Bellion concert? Best regards, xxx”

Answer Gretchen:
“Hi there, 16 and older. Best regards, Gretchen”

Mailer again:
“I hereby would like to inform you that I love you. Best regards, xxx”

Author’s note: ❤ ❤ ❤

Tales: Tales #3

One of our runners during a sold out concert, carrying a box of beer on his shoulder, a bottle of vodka in his free hand, trying to get through the crowd, was stopped by a guest:

Guest: “Do you work here?”

Runner: “No, that’s my party outfit! And the beer box I smuggled into the club underneath my jacket!”

Author’s note: What in the heck did we learn at school that there are no stupid questions…

Tales: Tales #2

Good reviews in the internet are not always helpful, as this email shows…


We have looked up your club and saw pretty good reviews and we like to go to your club. We would like to hear what you are offering for your New Years party? We are looking for a great table next to the dance floor with room for 5 persons and table services.

Please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

Author’s note: Headliner has been Black Sun Empire, drum’n’bass in your face. Would have been funny having a table in front of the DJ booth 🙂

Tales: Tales #1

One of the best email questions ever:

“Do you sell drinks in the club?”

Author’s note: Ohhh, we never thought about that! Might be a good idea selling drinks in a club! Very smart!