Because of having Schlachthofbronx at Gretchen on Saturday, October 22, we talked to them in advance to get a little more impressions about these great two guys.

The most likely first question that pops into peoples minds might be “What’s the origin of their name?” Well, there is a district in Munich, the hometown of Bene and Jakob, that is called Schlachthofviertel which is populary known as Schlachthofbronx. With that being clarified let’s talk about what is really important when it comes to the Bavarian duo, the music!

 Jamie: We have read, you once met in a graffiti crew and didn’t like each other. True? Why not and why did that change?

SHB: Yes true, we both were in the same graffiti crew back in the days. And well, we didnt really like each other for quite a long time, because we were smartasses/teenagers/you name it. But we always knew the other one was into music aswell, and followed each others work a bit … then one day we met at the birthday party of a common friend (who doubles as our driver now sometimes at shows), and started talking about music, favourite producers, and how we missed a night in Munich that played more than just one genre of music (which was the norm back then in 2007. just imagine, Myspace age..!) After a while of talking, we decided to meet up and do some music for our sets. Thats how everything started….
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Interviews: Delfonic

11828726_10153182789404858_7150950651615192435_nPartner of OYE records and long term resident of Gretchen and Icon, Delfonic’s experience and eclectic knowledge in music cannot be doubted.

Now the Berlin based DJ has a collection of records under his belt including Box aus Holz, Torben and Money Sex Records. Having supported the likes of Machinedrum, Kaytranada and Mr Scruff and played a host of prestigious festivals like Fusion, Soundwave and Splash, we caught up with him to find out where it all started, how he sorts his sets and what’s coming up next….

Jamie: You are a Gretchen resident from the very beginning and also have been a long term resident at Icon before (for those who don’t know: The former club of the Gretchen team). That has to do with your unorthodox style and especially with the wide range of music you play which fits perfectly into the concept and ideology of Gretchen. How do you put your sets together before a gig? Do you know exactly what you will play in advance or is it more kind of a freestyle way of choosing the next record while mixing?

Delfonic: First I have to say, that for me being a resident at Gretchen and for years at Icon was and is always a great honour, because the bookings are one of my favourites in Berlin. Continue reading “Delfonic”