Features: A musical journey through our August program

The summer has finally hit Berlin and we have planned many many great events for everyone who is looking for some fun, be it sleepless locals or tourists that would like to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife. More details about our program you can find here on our website of course, but to give you a little preview we have put together this playlist with our favourite tracks of some of the artists who are about to play at Gretchen this August.

We hope you will enjoy this sweet selection of music, add it to your playlists and to see you at some of our upcoming events!



Features: Re-Opening after Summer break!

After a very busy first half of 2017, Gretchen took a short summer break as usual. We have managed to fix some stuff wherever it was needed and to install and build some new things here and there. Also the staff had a moment to breathe before going back to work. Now that we have charged our batteries it is time to open doors again and party into the best time in this city, the Berlin summer season. Of course we have a special in store for you to celebrate the re-opening of Gretchen. Coming to play, on July 22, no other than the notorious Gaslamp Killer along with his and our close friend Kutmah!

William Benjamin Bensussen earned his stage name The Gaslamp Killer with his intense and very unique DJ sets, that he was playing in the clubs of the Gaslamp district in San Diego, California, where he grew up. After moving to Los Angeles in 2006, he became a household name known for his outstanding productions and impassioned and highly energetic live performances. Along with Flying Lotus and Mainframe he produced Gonjasufi’s debut album “A Sufi And A Killer” back in 2010. He also played all the major festivals around the world, for instance: the Coachella Festival, the Austin Psych Fest, the Wonderfruit in Thailand or the Voodoo Fest. Numerous singles, EP’s, guest appearances, mixes and 2 albums speak for itself. His latest LP “Instrumentalepathy” was released in September 2016 and just this month he released the music video “Sins: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film”. In not even two decades this man has almost reached the status of a living legend. On top of all he is a wonderful, positive and inspiring personality and we are always happy to have him coming over to play at Gretchen! Continue reading “Re-Opening after Summer break!”

Features: „What Is This“ is the peak of Machinedrum’s Human Energy concept… so far

Last year Machinedrum released his latest album „Human Energy“ that he also presented live at Gretchen in April 2017. With that record he performed a radical change of style but without being unfaithful to his sound and its core features. His tunes became more colourful, way brighter, less sample based and were kind of approaching Pop and R’n’B music.

Since his album’s release the Ninja Tune veteran already dropped the tune „U Betta“ that is continuing this artistic journey. But now Machinedrum released the single „What Is This“ feat. Rosie Lowe which is basically the peak of his young stylistic concept… at least, so far. It combines dreamlike melodies and sharp synths with punchy drums and stirring R’n’B vocals.

We can’t wait what is still to come.

Features: Eprom’s “Pineapple” EP is juicy and dangerous

Have you seen the artwork for Eprom’s “Pineapple” EP? It consists of a large, shiny knife, a Barbed Wire, a pineapple slice and a cherry on top. This artwork is somehow the perfect visualisation of Eprom’s sound. Colourful, juicy, hard-edged and kind of dangerous.

If you’re into tunes that bridge the gab between sound design and heavy club music you should definitely listen to this. You can find all sources for the “Pineapple EP” here.

Features: Lapalux

The summer is almost there and we have another special planned for you. On May 27 we are presenting the British charming prince Lapalux live in concert. For those who have no clue who that is, because you were on a sailing trip around the world or any other reason that made you have no access to modern music, here is a little update for you about this guys career and his music.

Stuart Howard a.k.a. Lapalux (short for “Lap of Luxury”) grew up in Essex, England, immediately north-east of London. The first time he appeared in the world of music was when he pulled out a bootleg remix of Gwen Stefani’s song “Luxurious”, which went viral. After a first self-published EP entitled “Forest”, in 2008, he caught the attention of the British label Picture Music who then released his “Many Faces Out Of Focus“ EP, in 2011. The EP is a perfect demonstration of the producer’s limitless skills. Catchy key lines that are difficult to shift from the memory for a long time after listening, a hypnotic manipulation of vocal samples, half-time beats and reversed chords. Long story short, “Many Faces Out Of Focus“ is refreshing, unique and definitely a very impressive label debut. The success of the EP made him work even harder and so he released not one but two EP’s the following year, 2012, both on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records. Continue reading “Lapalux”