6 Years Gretchen.

This weekend, October 6 and 7, we are celebrating our 6th Anniversary. Yeah!

For Friday we have invited Richard Dorfmeister, one half of the legendary  Austrian duo Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Henry Wu, a leading figure in the new generation of electronic music producers, strongly influenced by soul, jazz, blues and funk. Also behind the decks our most musical open-minded residents Delfonic, Soulmind and Marc Hype. Saturday we are welcoming the German drum’n’bass label Neosignal with label-founders Phace and Misanthrop. They also bring The Upbeats, all the way from New Zealand and Netherland’s shooting-star Posij. They will be accompanied by our Recycle-residents N’Dee, Survey, Mr. Jay, Flower and MCs Mace and Jamie White. Also to be mentioned: In BOX2 the Impulse Basskultur crew from Berlin is celebrating their  7th Anniversary.

Another year has passed by and we are looking back at many wonderful club nights, concerts and live shows. We have danced, laughed and cried tears of joy with you at countless events during the last 365 days. Now as most of you might know, every year on our beloved Dragonerareal is a win. The ongoing “fight” about our future here is quite nerve-wracking and kept us awake numerous nights. But hey! We are trying to focus on the positive, as we are still here, and looking forward to come together this weekend and celebrate the Gretchen birthday with all of you!

Let us have a closer look at our guests. On Friday we have a legend and a rising star on the line-up. The DJ and producer Richard Dorfmeister, born in 1968 in Vienna, definitely the legend, has made a name for himself together with his longtime-partner Peter Kruder, as the duo Kruder & Dorfmeister. Their productions were always strongly influenced by hip hop, rare groove, acid jazz, acid house and everything in between all those categories. Besides that the two are famous for their trip hop/downtempo remixes of all kinds of pop, hip hop and drum’n’bass songs. Kruder & Dorfmeister are not only looking back at a career as musicians lasting more than two decades, they are also working behind the scenes with their very successful label G-Stone Recordings. Besides that Dorfmeister has also founded the “Toska” project, along with Rupert Huber, in 1994, which is often mentioned as one of the most outstanding collaborations amongst lounge music producers. Apart from his work for G-Stone he also released on labels Studio K7 and Ninja Tune. In 2003 his hometown Vienna awarded him with the “Goldenes Verdienstzeichen” to honor his work. The second guest, and clearly the rising star, is the very talented Kamaal Williams a.k.a. Henry Wu. This promising artist from the heart of London’s South has achieved a lot at his young age. He first stepped into the spotlight as the co-founder of the, now retired, jazz/funk project Yussef Kamaal. Along with Yussef Dayes they created such a hype around it – everybody, from fans to critics, thought that this would be the next big thing. Their musical mélange of 70’s jazz and funk, avant-garde and electronica was absolutely unique. After Kamaal and Dayes went separate ways he concentrated on his own visions of music and kept working solo. Under the moniker of Henry Wu, he has sold out shows in London and toured extensively at clubs and festivals across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

For Saturday we have put together an exciting line-up for all the Berlin bass lovers. The Hamburg based label Neosignal is probably the most successful German drum’n’bass imprint. The two founders Florian Harres, better known as Phace, and Michael Bräuninger, alias Misanthrop, have slowly build their own little empire during the last years. Both have, independently from each other, made a name for themselves with their productions. Phace has worked with the likes of Noisa, Spor and Mefjus and released on Teebee’s label Subtitles Music, Virus Recordings and Renegade Hardware. His partner in crime Misanthrop also has releases on many renowned labels such as Shogun Audio, OWSLA, Division or Mau5trap. Phace as well as Misanthrop are playing regularly at clubs and festivals all over the world.

Coming all the way from Wellington, New Zealand, for our Birthday the production team The Upbeats, consisting of Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones. Glenn and Jones met in school and quickly became friends sharing their passion for skating, surfing, and listening to music. The Upbeats’ constant output, including four LP’s, of highly energetic drum’n’bass led to worldwide gigs and at home the two are even treated like popstars. They also run their own label Non Vogue, mostly to have the opportunity to do whatever they want and go their own ways with their productions.

Last but not least, one of the new stars of drum’n’bass, Posij (pronounced “pose-eye”). Born and raised in Groningen, Netherlands, it is no surprise that most of his releases are coming via Noisia’s label Division. He stated “Martijn from Noisia was at one of my first live performances in our hometown of Groningen and he watched me play. When I finished he asked if I had a CD for him to take away. I was so psyched about that! Around the same time I’d also gotten to know someone who worked for Noisia’s management company and I’d decided I was ready to start getting my music out there.” His productions are often unexpected and challenging with a lot of groove but adding just the right amount of chaos to inspire you to pay attention.

We hope to see many familiar and new faces at our birthday weekend. You are all more than welcome to celebrate with us!