It is a cold early 2017 in Berlin but it is going to be a hot Saturday night, February 18, that’s a promise! The London based label 20/20 LDN is about to enter the Gretchen (again) to do what they do best .. make you dance. As usual Sabre, Stray and Halogenix, also known as Ivy Lab, the heads of the imprint, have put together an exciting Line-up.

There is Tim Parker, who is signed to 20/20 LDN, Tsuruda, the highly rated charismatic producer from Los Angeles, Chunky, who is mcing that night even though he’s so much more than just a host (we’ll get to that later), the Depth Range crew from Ulm, a collective of different young artists who are pretty much the rising stars of Germany’s Bass music scene, Werd, a Berlin based Hip Hop DJ and producer originally from San Jose, California, and our resident Soulmind, who’s music wise perfectly fitting into this Line-up. It is always a pleasure to welcome 20/20 LDN and guests at our club as they stand for what we personally love about music. An open minded sound that is free of any limitations or restrictions. Music that don’t need no definition. Influenced by the sound of Bass music, Drum’n’Bass, Future Beats and basically everything that is related to these genres, 20/20 LDN has found their own niche and they are not planning to leave this path. This label represents what club music is today, but each one of these acts has a very unique story to tell. Let’s take the time and see what they are about and what to expect on Saturday.

If you haven’t heard of 20/20 LDN yet, there is just one question .. Where have you been the last almost two years??? The story of the label is quite simple and be told fast. In 2012 the trio Ivy Lab, as mentioned before, formed by Sabre, Stray and Halogenix, has started to release several tunes on Critical Music which had unanimously positive reviews in the press, be it print or online media. In the beginning their main focus was laid on Drum’n’Bass, but it changed more and more to some kind of wonky Halfstep-Hip-Hop, a very unique sound with its own signature. This was a process that finally, suggested by Critical Music label owner Kasra, led to the decision to produce an entire album “20/20 Volume One” with their very own interpretation of 85 BPM music, half of the standard drum & bass tempo and in lock with a lot of instrumental Hip-Hop beats. A lot of their music pays homage to samples, a classical approach of producing Hip-Hop music. When the album was finished the question came to mind where to release it. Of course Critical Music was an option, but Ivy Lab had other plans. In 2015 they founded 20/20 LDN to release their long awaited LP. The label quickly gained a lot of international recognition. But the imprint was not just a quick idea to release this album, it was also meant to be a platform for other artists with similar visions and interests. Today 20/20 LDN releases music from acts such as Tim Parker, Jon 1st, Deft, Stray and lately Ivy Lab’s follow up LP “20/20 Volume Two” which featured tracks of many other great producers like Sinistarr, Phazz or Havelock for example.

Tim Parker is a 20/20 LDN resident who is known for his weekly radio show “You’ll soon know” on NTS, a British online radio station, where he invites all the big names but also interesting new talents to chat and play their very own favorite tunes from Electronica to Bass, Footwork, Experimental Hip-Hop and Bass music. But he also presents his personal taste and we are curious what he will bring to the table on Saturday!



The twenty five year old Tsuruda has to travel a long way to get to us. Based in Los Angeles, California his story starts at a very young age. Already as a child he started with playing piano, violin and taking vocal lessons. He attended a classical music school from kindergarten to 8th grade which gave him the opportunity to try out many different instruments and it was definitely no surprise with that kind of knowledge that he started producing music with only fifteen. Since then he made his way up and his catalogue includes five full length self releases and several singles on various labels such as Darker Than Wax, Team Supreme or Dirt First. If you listen to his music you can clearly hear a strong influence of artists like Madlib or Flying Lotus, but he gives it a very different and personal touch. Sharing stages with some of the biggest names  like Ekali, Slow Magic or G Jones, he is definitely no newcomer anymore but still a insider’s tip.



Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Manchester, Chunky grew fast into the British music scene. He picked up the mic as a teenager and his individuality quickly made him a household name around the city and a resident at two of the most recognized nights, Hit&Run and Hoya:Hoya. He’d also become the frontman for True Tiger, Swamp 81 and Riot Jazz. His reputation took him from the biggest festivals in Europe to the coasts of Australia to host sets of everyone from Jackmaster, Oneman, Ben UFO to Detroit underground legend Dabrye. But Chunky is more than just a mic man though which he proved by releasing “The Chunky EP” on Swamp 81 in late 2012. This is when the transition from MC to producer/DJ/MC began. He teamed up with Problem Child  to create MC’s In The Mix. A project giving renowned mic-men and women the opportunity to demonstrate their musical taste. Also to be mentioned, he’s a member of Levelz, a crew of MC’s and producers from Manchester who lately made a name for themselves with their outstanding Songs which are circulating somewhere in between Grime, Garage, Hip-Hop and UK Funky.



Founded in 2012 Depth Range is a collective of verious artists from Ulm, South Germany. Members are ReDraft, HP.Ritch, Kid Kun, SRP, CtoP and K.B. Their music is to be described as Bass music influenced by Footwork, Juke, Jungle, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and everything in between. Basically everything that is related to the UK underground culture. These guys are working with different artists and crews from all over the world and have established their brand in Ulm’s underground scene. The Depth Range crew has performed along the highest ranked names like Alix Perez, Halogenix, Fixate, Jon1st, Dub Phizix & Strategy or Hyroglifics. They also very successfully hosted the Outlook Launch Parties in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with Dub Phizix & Strategy, Halogenix, Moresounds and Danny Scrilla.
This is the first time they play at Gretchen and we can’t wait to hear live what exactly their sound is like.



With DJ Werd we welcome back a very familiar face at Gretchen, because he already played at our old venue, the Icon club, several times. The San Jose native is an allround talent. In 1996 he established the Curbside Radio Show on KSCU 103.3fm, which was a platform for local independent artists to showcase their skills and reach out to larger audiences. This got him in contact with many great artists and made him put the foot in the door of the music industry. After recording and releasing several mixtapes featuring many Californian underground rappers and producers, including his San Francisco based crew Audio Pharmacy, Werd went on a Europe tour in 1998. He felt in love with Berlin and moved over here the very next year after the tour. This is where he met DJ Marc Hype and was immediately initiated as the newest member of the legendary turntablist crew The Phaderheadz. After numerous showcases he earned his stripes and the respect of the german Hip-Hop scene. He started DJing for Berlin rappers Sido and B-Tight who made him a member of Die Sekte which was the leading act of the most polarizing Hip-Hop label at that time, Aggro Berlin. The label closed the curtains but Sido and B-Tight continuously releasing music which are regulary reaching the top of the charts, and of course Werd is touring with them, as Sido’s music director for the live shows, all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary making him one of the busiest hip hop Djs in the game. He also was part of the band at the TV show “The Voice of Germany”. Werd keeps producing music besides all these other jobs that is much more underground related under the project name Long Lost Relative, so watch out and probably be surprised what he’ll play on Saturday.



Last but not least there is Soulmind of Through My Speakers, one of Gretchen’s own. A longtime resident of our club whom we always love to see and hear playing. A lot of information .. we hope this made you curious?!

See you on Saturday!